Monday, 13 September 2010

Popcorn, 1979: ABBA: the time bomb is ticking

The shock of the divorce has faded away – now, the question remains: will Björn (33) or Agnetha (28) leave the group? Despite all reassurances, there’s no doubt that the former married couple will separate on a professional level as well. You can read here why a crisis will arise within the group ABBA in the coming six months...

Four weeks after the divorce between Agnetha and Björn was announced, ABBA stated in an exclusive interview with Popcorn: “The atmosphere in the group couldn’t be better; we are even happy about the fact that we don’t have to play hide and seek any longer.”
And Björn, who was most optimistic of them all, even said: “Everything is going according to plan. In the beginning of April, our new album will be released and in August we will start an extensive tour through Asia, Japan and Eastern Europe. If we will manage to do any concerts in America, Canada and Europe after that isn’t clear yet. But I want to emphasize once more that our private affairs won’t have any effect on ABBA as a group.”
And Agnetha added with her most beaming smile: “The divorce hasn’t been as bad as many magazines have claimed. Our old house, where Björn is living, and my new mansion are in the same Stockholm district Lidingö. Whenever we want to pay each other a visit, it’s only a seven minute walk.”
ABBA’s Swedish friends think that statements like this by Agnetha and Björn are simply an attempt to hide the true relations.
A prominent employee at Polar Music: “The time bomb is ticking. At the latest when ABBA goes on tour, it will come to a major fall-out. However, there’s a danger that the group will fall apart before that.”
In former times, Anni-Frid was considered to be the most difficult member of the group but now Agnetha is the biggest risk factor. The reason: the 28-year-old, who has always had her mood swings, has become unpredictable since the divorce.
Two years ago, Björn has already stated jokingly: “Behind that pretty face and those blue eyes there’s a hardheaded woman, that would make anyone – who isn’t as easygoing as I a am – go through the roof.”
Björn, who is still in close contact with Agnetha despite their separation and who even carried her make up case during a recent trip, would definitely do anything to keep his ex-wife in the group. But there are three risk factors that could become a danger for the group.
Their children: Linda (6) and Christian (1) will have to live with Björn and Agnetha by turns. Anyone who knows how fond both of them are of their children, should realize that arguments will be unavoidable.
Their job: during the months-long recording sessions, trouble has always been brewing with ABBA – but after the divorce, the tensions will probably become even higher.
Their private life: up till now, Agnetha and Björn haven’t revealed yet if they already have new life partners. In case new lovers will appear in public, the gap between the both of them will become even wider.
Only ABBA manager Stig Anderson is still hoping under these circumstances: “Agnetha and Björn need to keep each other at a distance – perhaps they will get back together in about six months!”


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