Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hitkrant, 1979: Agnetha escapes in her work - The tour is causing tensions

Putting together a two-hour-long show, not only with old hits but with new songs as well: ABBA is facing this enormous task with the upcoming world tour just around the corner. This means months of intense rehearsals, working extremely hard and not a moment of peace. All this work comes to Agnetha as some kind of solution: work wherein she can escape from the big silence that is slowly starting to take shape around her.

'The Big Silence': it's the title of a movie by the famous Swedish director Igmar Bergman. A title that became applicable to Agnetha, also because the movie deals with a relationship problem, something that the ABBA star has had to deal with herself.

Isn't it possible for her anymore to build a steady relationship? Ice hockey international Lars-Eric Eriksson, with whom Agnetha seemed to be so happy, left her because he couldn't cope with all the publicity surrounding him, Agnetha and ABBA. The old story about fame that destroys a relationship. The rumours that ABBA is going to split up after the world tour may or may not be true, it would at least be understandable. For five years now, ABBA has been on top, since the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Five years of being the centre of attention: that surely isn't easy!

Agnetha seems to suffer the most from it all. She isn't as smiley anymore like she used to be and the tensions that the upcoming world tour is causing are very hard on her. During the rehearsals, one is able to notice such things. Only a couple of nights of sleep to go, to put it like that. Only a couple of days to go of intense rehearsals, with hardly any time for relaxation in between (although Björn still goes out jogging for a couple of miles whenever possible), and then the moment of truth will arrive: the tour!

And after that? Time will tell. In any case, it would be good for Agnetha if she could finally start living as a 'normal' human being, not hampered by intrusive publicity.


Monica said...

It is a shame that they won't leave her alone when she is dating!!! Thanks Michel for the translation.

Anonymous said...

I think it`s a good real story, Agnetha suffered under her world fame that is said under the effects of journalistic of her world fame.

Thank you Michel and greetings from Henriette

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