Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hitkrant, 1977: ABBA wants to leave Sweden

Apart from England, the tax laws in Sweden don't seem to be very favourable to pop groups either. At least, there are persistent rumours circulating that ABBA would consider to live elsewhere. We unravelled how much truth there is in all these rumours.

ABBA's manager Stig Anderson stated recently in Stockholm that the group indeed is exploring the possibilities to move to Monaco, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

The high taxes wouldn't be the only reason why ABBA allegedly wants to move. In the end, Sweden is situated rather isolated up there in the north. Stig: "Eventually, we would be able to work just as well in one of those three countries as in Sweden. Why wouldn't we take that step?"

Another reason to turn their backs on Sweden could be the attitude of the Swedish media. In general, they appear to be rather negative about anything concerning ABBA. Although Stig's own statements could have caused this situation as well. At one point he even remarked: "The Swedes are not just dumb, they are much dumber!"

The ABBA company now consists of twenty people who all have steady jobs. Last year, there has been a profit of almost 35 million Dutch guilders. Anderson made about ƒ 285.000,00, Agnetha ƒ 107.000,00, Björn ƒ 104.000,00, Benny ƒ 100.000,00 and Anni-Frid no less than ƒ 229.000,00! When we take a look at that last amount and consider that 85 percent of that amount goes to taxes, then it would mean that Anni-Frid has to hand over ƒ 200.000,00 to the tax collection office. Ka-ching!

We are watching ABBA's movements closely. As soon as it is known that ABBA takes one step across the Swedish borders, we will be there - as a matter of speaking of course...


Monica said...

It is interesting how large the amount of money Stig received when the rest of the band members received far less.

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