Thursday, 3 July 2008

Bravo, January 1982: ABBA is on top again!

An article from German magazine Bravo about the success of the then recent album The Visitors and the future plans of the ABBA-members.
“A genuine hit-rocket”, “a real experience”, “the most phenomenal pop-album”... Those are just a few of the raving headlines that accompany the new ABBA-album ‘The Visitors’ and its top-single ‘One Of Us’ on their victory-march around the world.
Already shortly after its release in December, there was hardly an album chart on which the tenth album of the four Swedes didn’t occupy the higher regions. Incidentally, it was exactly this record that caused ABBA quite some trouble for months on end. Due to private problems, things didn’t go as smoothly as had become expected from them. Furthermore, especially for Benny and Björn, the professional future of the quartet relied on the success or failure of this album.
The sensational triumph of ‘The Visitors’ has made the decision easy on the four Swedes. “ABBA will stay together,” is what manager Stig Anderson stated recently.
And what are the separate ABBAs doing at the moment?
Anni-Frid, recently with red punk-hairdo and headband, is preparing a solo-project. In March she will enter the Polar-Studios in Stockholm to record an English-language solo-album. Phil Collins of Genesis will be the producer and drummer.
Björn, who has grown a beard lately, will realize a musical dream. Together with Benny, he will write a Broadway-musical, although the group will not perform it themselves. But when the project is finished, ABBA wants to record an album with the songs.
Benny, who married Mona Nörklit six weeks ago, who’s also expecting a child in February, has bought two English racing-horses. They are being trained by amateur-trainer and vet Berndt Strömberg, Mona’s ex-husband.
Agnetha – she has a curlier hairdo again – has made a successful musical sidestep. Her Christmas-album, that she recorded with daughter Linda a year ago already, was a real Christmas-hit in Sweden.

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Anonymous said...

I love how these magazines put up blatantly bigger pictures of Agnetha than the other members. ok, so she was undoubtedly the most photogenic, but it was hardly diplomatic. By that time, though, i think Frida was past caring about that.