Friday, 25 July 2008

Hitkrant, October 1982: Will Frida continue on her own?

An article, published in Dutch magazine Hitkrant shortly after Frida's promotional visit to Holland for the Something's Going On album, early October 1982.
It’s an obvious question: now that Frida’s solo-album and its attendant singles have become such a success, it seems possible that that solo-career is getting more serious. We really were very curious about that, and so we asked Frida herself, when she visited Holland a few weeks ago.

“As long as ABBA stays together, the group will always come first,” says Frida decidedly. “That doesn’t mean that this will be my last solo-venture, because you see: singing means everything to me. I wouldn’t know what else to do – I can’t do anything else! – and recording an album, on which I can pursue my own ideas completely, is of course a very satisfying thing for me.”

Do you think there are many new sounds in pop-music today?
“I think so, but the past few months I’ve had very little time to follow it closely, because of my album and the promotional tour I’m doing right now. Something that really caught my attention, was that single by the German group Trio. Isn’t it called ‘Da Da Da’? I think that’s a really good song, but it’s also the only thing I’ve heard from that group so it’s impossible for me to say that Trio is a notable newcomer.”

Do you see any new Beatles?
“You never know. But it has to happen, because otherwise the music business will slowly die, mark my words.”

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