Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hitkrant, July 1982: ABBA is not in danger

Dutch magazine Hitkrant published this article with the latest ABBA-news in 1982, informing us there would definitely be a new ABBA-album in 1983. Towards the end of the year, there would be a slight change of plans...
ABBA continues to find new ways. Despite the fact that Frida will release a solo-album in September, there are no worries about the group’s future. “There’s not a single doubt that ABBA will continue” and “Frida’s album is totally different from an ABBA-album; we’re actually pretty excited about it!” according to ABBA’s faithful press-officer Görel Hanser in her press-release. “Benny and Björn are very busy,” she continues. “In May, they recorded two new songs and in August there will be new recording sessions.”

The titles of the new songs are ‘Just Like That’ and ‘I Am The City’. In August, four more songs will be recorded, among which the new single and another track that will be on the ABBA double-album, together with all other ABBA-hits.

In any case, there will be no new ABBA-album this year, “but,” Polar assures us, “next year there will definitely be a new ABBA-album.” The group is not in a hurry: ‘The Visitors’ is still selling very well everywhere and expectations about Frida’s solo-album are high as well. Blonde Agnetha is planning to record a solo-album as well. Most probably, Mike Chapman will be her producer. In the near future, Agnetha has no time. “The group is booked until January and they are busy recording,” we are being told.

Especially Frida has some busy times ahead; when her album ‘Something’s Going On’ will be released in September, she will visit several countries for promotion, among them Holland, and before that she will have to film promotional films for the songs ‘I See Red’ and ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’. When the album was recorded at Polar-Studios in Stockholm, an English film-crew made a documentary about Frida and Phil Collins. This will be broadcast in several countries. And then the latest ABBA-news: the group is now on top in the United States as well, mainly due to a radio- and TV-special that were broadcast recently.

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