Friday, 5 June 2009

Hitkrant, 1984: Frida suddenly fell into the arms of her ex-husband

A report about Björn, Benny and Frida having a reunion of sorts when they met each other in Holland in October 1984 while performing on the same television show.
After the rehearsals for the Platengala at the Ahoy’ in Rotterdam, a very affectionate reunion between three of the four ABBA-members took place. Frida as well as Björn and Benny had to perform in the television programme. Benny and Björn were there with lyricist Tim Rice and the principal character from ‘Chess’, Elaine Paige, and Frida was there by herself. She sang a couple of songs from her new solo album. It became very clear that there definitely isn’t any rancour between Frida and Björn and Benny when Frida fell into the arms of her (ex?)-colleagues.
Björn wanted Frida to tell him exactly how it is to live in London. Björn and his new wife Lena are planning to move to the British capital in the very near future. Ultimately, Björn still thought he had to give away a very large percentage of his hard-earned money to the Swedish taxes, therefore he will move to England from his much-loved Sweden before too long.

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