Monday, 1 June 2009

Muziek Expres, 1982: Agnetha took a holiday job

A small news item about Agnetha’s 1982 duet single with Tomas Ledin. Tomas entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980, not in 1976 (like this article will have you believe).
Agnetha Fältskog, to outsiders ABBA’s blonde, spent her ABBA-holiday musically, just like her friend Frida. Although there hasn’t been a long-player released yet. No, it concerns a duet together with Tomas Ledin. And who might that Tomas Ledin be? In Sweden, Tomas Ledin is a world famous guy, because in his home country he is known as an extremely popular pop singer. Still, Tomas is not completely unknown in Holland either. We have been able to admire him here performing live already back in 1976 when he was representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest in The Hague. But observing ABBA-fans will recognize him as well, because Tomas Ledin is active as a backup singer with ABBA on a regular basis. So it’s obvious that he knows the lead singers pretty well! Now he has recorded a solo album that’s called ‘Human Touch’. This album contains one song that he sings together with Agnetha. Obviously, it’s not a coincidence that exactly this song, ‘Never Again’, has been released as a single.
But this is not Agnetha’s only musical activity. Since Frida has released a solo album, that has been received very well everywhere, she can’t fall behind. Agnetha is now working on her first solo album too and she has secured the services of top producer Mike Chapman. This album is due to be released in the beginning of next year.

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Karin said...

There is a big mistake in this article. Tomas Ledin participated in the ESC in 1980 and not in 1976!