Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pop Foto, February 1981: Win a great Pop Foto T-shirt plus a personal congratulatory message from ABBA!

I remember that I entered this competition in 1981. The (multiple choice) questions are really funny. For example: what’s Agnetha’s last name? Fältskog, Knäckepäck or Löteflöt (lol!).
There was a chance to win a T-shirt with a personal message and autographed by ABBA or the Super Trouper album. Sadly, I won the Super Trouper album. Of course, I already had that one...

David with ABBA! Recently, you have been able to read all about it in Pop Foto. But did you know that David brought something with him from Sweden, just for you...?

For years, Pop Foto has been very close with ABBA. It all started a long time ago, when ABBA was in Holland for the first time. David, assistant of pop-photographer Pieter Mazèl, immediately was very taken with the successful group. And the funny thing was: ABBA was very fond of Pop Foto’s David as well.
This made it possible for Pop Foto to continually publish the greatest reports about ABBA through the years. Because even when ABBA wasn’t in the mood or didn’t have any time to pose due to their full schedule, an exception was always made for Pop Foto. Thus, ABBA wholeheartedly agreed to surprise the ten winners of this Pop Foto T-shirt competition with a personal message.
Just think that you would win one of these. Wouldn’t that be great! And it’s not that difficult at all to have a chance at something this special. Because the questions really aren’t that difficult. And there are even 15 ABBA-albums to be won as well! Try your best.


Ronaldo said...

Agnetha Fältskog?
Agnetha Knäckepäck?
Agnetha Löteflöt?

I am not sure... no shirt for me! LOL!

Anonymous said...

on that competition picture They all look nice, but that other picture you included I remember well from back then. it was in a calendar. I hated it...Agnetha looked like a pig on it! Terrible shot. Frida looked lovely though..but for me..I had all my eyes on Agnetha so the picture was bad... hahaha

Michel said...

I was tempted to go for Agnetha Knäckepäck because it sounded so funny. But I didn't want to ruin my chances at that fabulous T-shirt.
The question about which ABBA-members formed a couple was a bit tricky, since Frida and Benny had announced their divorce around the same time that the magazine was printed.

That pic was indeed part of a Pop Foto calender. It was also used on a Pop Foto cover in December 1980 (see 6 September 2008 entry).