Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hitkrant, 1982: That’s when Agnetha dumped Captain Sensible

Clearly, there were no limits to the imagination of some editors. In 1982, this highly unlikely story appeared in Dutch magazine Hitkrant, claiming that Agnetha had once been the girlfriend of Captain Sensible, a British singer who scored a minor hit in 1982 with Wot.
It seems an unlikely couple. But still, that crazy Captain Sensible once was the steady boyfriend of ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog for months. “Oh well, everybody has been in love once,” Ray Burns sighs, better known as the bass player of The Damned and as Captain Sensible.
“The romance between Agnetha and me dates back to fifteen years. That’s ancient history. I do think it’s a shame that things didn’t work out between us, because otherwise I would have lived together with a world-famous star now!”
And Ray has not forgotten his Agnetha yet. “Actually, I still have a little crush on her,” he confesses. “But don’t let her hear about that. She will strongly refuse to admit that we were a couple once. Still, that’s the way it is. Did you know we even had plans to form a duo together? But then, Björn came into her life… and all of a sudden she dumped me. Who knows, when I become famous in Sweden as Captain Sensible, she might think: ‘Hey, I know that crazy guy!’ Maybe we could go for a night on the town again, just like in the good old days.”


Anonymous said...

I`m convinced from it - she was 17 years this time ;o)

Thanks for all, Michel!!!

jes said...

before björn she was with dieter zimmermann, and before him with a boy also called bjö where in the time frame does this guy fit in??? nothing is impossible but she must have been 15 then...i think its pure nonsense

Anonymous said...

a British singer??

One of R-n-r's greatest guitarists, not really a singer. The editor just didn't understand London humor.