Sunday, 22 November 2009

Hitkrant, October 1980: The new clothes of Empress Frida

An article from Dutch magazine Hitkrant, featuring pictures of Frida that were published first in Swedish magazine Damernas in July 1980.
Anni-Frid from ABBA is very passionate about fashion; that’s the reason why she has a huge amount of influence on designing the clothes in which ABBA always performs. Therefore, she thought it was great fun to seek out her favourite clothes for a fashion spread and pose in them. Like a trained professional, she browsed through the clothes racks, and after that, she posed in front of the cameras in her favourite dresses.
For a garden party by moonlight, Anni-Frid chose a summery spotted dress in which she found herself up in the clouds. When you, like Frida, have to attend a party at a real palace every now and then, you can move around most quickly on roller-skates. When you, on top of that, dress up to the nines as well in a beautiful laced dress and you are being blindfolded, then you don’t know what’s coming over you!
Frida didn’t know what came over her at all when she was chatting away at the poolside. The photographer gave her a little push and there she went, with her trouser suite into the water! Luckily, she could have a good laugh about it. The trouser suite had such quality that she could still easily appear in it on a ‘royal’ party anytime.

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Jen said...

Anni-Frid has a talent in designing the clothes.Anni-Frid is humorous,pure and kind.