Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hitkrant, August 1977: ABBA’s island - Agnetha and Björn want peace and quiet

In the blue water of the sea at the Stockholm coast, there are hundreds of islands, varying in size from tiny to middle-sized. One of them has been bought by ABBA and except for being a splendid and rough piece of land, there are a small recording studio and three houses as well. It’s there where you’ll be able to find Agnetha around this time of the year, who will be soaking up the sun together with Björn and Linda.

It’s going to be a very special holiday, this time. Not only because, for the first time in years, the ABBA-members have the opportunity to catch their breath for a while, but also because Agnetha and Björn will be able to prepare themselves in all peace and quiet for the arrival of their second child, in November.

Frida and Benny will probably not join them: they love to spend their holidays at far-of, exotic beaches. But Agnetha and Björn prefer to stay close to home.

There isn’t much comfort on the ABBA-island, but Agnetha and Björn don’t think it’s that important.
“The most important thing is that we’re not bothered by anyone,” Agnetha says and Björn adds: “There is no telephone and although that’s less convenient for Agnetha...” A thump from his blonde wife prevents him from finishing his sentence, but then Agnetha herself admits: “Yes, I have a habit of hanging on the telephone for hours, especially with my mother who always wants to know exactly how Linda is doing.” “The highest phone bill in Scandinavia,” Björn says, who has to hide away rapidly to avoid another thump.

The only thing that the Ulvaeus family is concerned about on their island is peace and quiet. And that’s just what they’ll get in abundance; lounging around, soaking up the sun, taking a ride with the boat and most of all, playing with Linda. Because Agnetha and Björn don’t see very much of their daughter and that’s why they grab every opportunity they can to spend time with her.
They will need their holiday, because after that there’s another busy time ahead of them. That’s why we grant Agnetha, Björn and little Linda their little time off wholeheartedly.


George said...

How many of those articles were cooked like that: the pictures are from different years, and who can believe that 4-5 month pregnant Agnetha (and that's never even mentioned in the "story") would just like that talk to a journalist about her telephone use.
So preposterous!

Iris said...

I love the mag cover so much .
The pictures are certainly great .