Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hitkrant, December 1977: Hooray, it’s a boy! - ‘ABBA The Album’ is on its way

Announcement of the birth of Björn and Agnetha’s son from Dutch magazine Hitkrant.
There was quite a consternation when we suddenly heard that Agnetha and Björn Ulvaeus were enchanted with the birth of a healthy son! Phone calls and telex messages were going back and forth between Stockholm and Amsterdam and we have taken the liberty of congratulating both ABBA-members (and Anni-Frid and Benny too, of course!) on behalf of all of you.

As you can read in the accompanying printed telex message, the name of Agnetha and Björn’s son is still unknown. At the time of writing (Monday morning) we still don’t know.
But what we do know is that the proud parents couldn’t be happier with their new son. Now Linda has a little brother and everyone in the Ulvaeus household had been hoping for that.

You can also see that the birth weight of the young Ulvaeus is known: not 3780 gram, like it had been reported earlier, but 3750 gram. Out of the contestants that took part in the Hitkrant ABBA competition, we have already found someone who guessed the right birth weight and he will get an amazing prize during the Hitkrant world premiere of the ABBA-movie.

Even more good news: the new ABBA-album is on its way! It will be available in the shops in the beginning of January. Its title will be ‘ABBA The Album’.
On the A-side of the album are the songs ‘Eagle’, ‘Take A Chance On Me’, ‘One Man, One Woman’ and ‘The Name Of The Game’. The B-side contains ‘Move On’, ‘Hole In Your Soul’ and three scenes from the mini-musical ‘The Girl With The Golden Hair’: ‘Thank You For The Music’, ‘I Wonder’ and ‘I’m A Marionette’.
All tracks have been written by Benny and Björn themselves and the album sleeve looks terrific (the photograph included in this article is from the inner sleeve).
So there’s reason enough to be happy. Because a new member has been added to the ABBA-family and because it won’t be long before we can enjoy the new album of a group that may well be the most popular pop group in the world at the moment!

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