Monday, 14 December 2009

Joepie, 1977: Anna is pregnant

Announcement of Agnetha’s second pregnancy from Belgian magazine Joepie.
Blonde Anna from ABBA is pregnant and expecting a second baby in November. “Anna’s got her head up in the clouds,” is what Björn told us over the phone (it was clear that he couldn’t be more proud). “Actually, we already wanted to have a baby at the beginning of this year, but it took us a lot of effort to persuade Anna to wait a little longer, for the sake of our European tour. She has to take things a little easier, because with Linda, not everything was plain sailing. Although the doctor has assured us that everything is going fine now. The album is now almost finished, which means that Anna is able to relax until November. Her parents will move in with us for a while, to help Anna out...”
And Björn jokingly adds: “We might even give him (or her) a Belgian or Dutch name, because the ‘accident’ must have happened while we paid a visit to your countries...”
One more thing: Anna would love to have another girl, while Björn is counting on a boy.


Monica said...

That is sad that Bjorn says that the baby is an accident. He can be so negative at times.

Anonymous said...

@Monica: I think he was joking, but still...

Anonymous said...

I think that Bjorn says: "an accident" because the baby isn´t planned. Is an accident because it happened unintentionally. They were not to do what they did, could lead to a pregnancy. It happened just as happens to any couple at a time they do something, and then, by accident, the woman becomes pregnant.

And he plays with the baby's name, because he did not know exactly where the "accident". Maybe it happened in several places.