Monday, 14 December 2009

Joepie, 1977: A brand new hobby for ABBA

Now that Björn and Anna are preparing for the arrival of their second baby, the quartet has time to spare. Time to re-catch their breath, to start exploring forgotten hobbies again, or discover new ones. Like horse riding, for instance.
“A new hobby for Björn, Anna and myself,” Benny smiles under his beard. “But not for Frida. She used to do this when she was still a teenager. But you know how the story goes: your job takes up all of your time, and there isn’t any time left for hobbies. But now that we are more or less forced to take things easier for the sake of Anna, all of a sudden we have time to spare. It was Frida who has pushed us to try some horse riding. All four of us went to a riding school here in Stockholm, and during a couple of days, we took some private lessons with an experienced horseman.”

Only one week later, Björn and Benny would surprise their wives with a highly original gift: four genuine racing horses.
“Yes, that experience turned out better than we thought,” according to Benny. “Now we can trot around at home as much as we want. It’s really pleasant. And relaxing...”

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