Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bravo, 1981: Is Agnetha annoyed now? – Björn secretly married her best friend

Ever since Björn got married to his girlfriend Lena Källersjö – who is a deadringer for Agnetha, his ex-wife – in the beginning of this year, the rumours are heating up again. Because Björn’s walk down the aisle in the little town Grythytta in the middle of Sweden took place in all secrecy – far away from publicity and even without the other ABBA members.
In spite of the fact that Björn met the 30-year-old advertisement assistant Lena at a party at Benny and Frida’s home. Lena and Anni-Frid were close friends and it wouldn’t be long before a cordial friendship developed between her and Agnetha as well. Agnetha even regularly entrusted Lena with both her children Linda (7) and Christian (3). During the last world tour, Björn’s new girlfriend spent quite a few weeks with the other ABBA members as well. So why this secrecy?
Björn: “Secrecy and dark clouds are not an issue with ABBA. Our wedding was purely a private matter. As a matter of fact, it was the wedding day of my sister Eva-Margarete, who got married to the Swedish racing driver Leif Asterhag in Grythytta. Lena and I just joined in.”
Isn’t Agnetha – in the bottom of her heart – a little annoyed at Lena, who has now permanently blocked her way back to Björn?
Agnetha: “Nonsense. I’ve already dealt with my divorce from Björn – mentally as well – some time ago. Lena has nothing to do with that. I wish her and Björn all the best in their joint future. After all, at some point there will be a new life partner for me as well.”
But, where men are concerned that show up at Agnetha’s side, publicity is keeping a close watch, which irritates the blonde ABBA singer. Some of her furious reactions were even explained as an intention to leave the group.
Agnetha: “It bothers me that – due to ABBA’s popularity – my private life has been publicised to the extent that every man that is spotted with me is labelled as a possible new husband. But that’s no reason for me to leave ABBA. I can understand very well that Björn and Lena got married in all secrecy. I will look for a new life partner in all peace and quiet – without publicity – as well. But this has nothing to do with ABBA. We will stay together, as long as the audience still likes our music.”
The other members share this opinion as well. But still, all four of them are trying to take root musically on their own as well, outside the group.
Björn and Benny are writing a musical that should have its premiere even this spring. Anni-Frid and Agnetha are having solo plans. Agnetha has already taken the first step in that direction. At the end of last year, she recorded a Christmas album together with her daughter Linda, although its release has been postponed for a year, so that it wouldn’t have any effect on the sales of the ‘Super Trouper’ album.
“That’s all true,” Anni-Frid confirms. “But firstly, at the moment I’m not having any concrete solo plans yet, and secondly, it wouldn’t hurt ABBA in any way. Many groups – like for instance Status Quo – are riding on a double track and they still stick together. Why wouldn’t that be possible with ABBA?”

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