Saturday, 28 August 2010

Joepie, 1977: ABBA back home

Extremely tired but satisfied as well, the four from ABBA have returned to Sweden recently from a European tour that lasted several weeks, followed by a somewhat shorter promotional trip to Australia. “We never craved for our homecoming as much as we did now,” according to Anna. “As a matter of fact, it was the first time that we spent such a long time abroad.”

ABBA could use a couple of days off. “The first few days, we hardly did anything else but sleep,” Anna continues. “After this sleeping cure, I picked up my Linda who stayed with our friends. She was exuberant when I arrived there. It turned into a big party for her, because I had brought along a suitcase full of toys. Among other things a giant green bear, that I received as a gift from a fan in your country...”
Björn didn’t get as much sleep. “We moved to a different place a couple of months ago and there were still a few things left to be done. Yes, I know, we have more than enough money to hire an expert, but I’m simply a natural handyman. I could occupy myself with things like that for days on end. Another hobby of mine is filming and photography. During our European tour I took pictures everywhere in the afternoons and I have developed them all myself. And I filmed our Linda as well. As a souvenir for the future. If she ever gets married, I’m planning to show that film about her childhood at the wedding party...”

For one week, ABBA just didn’t exist. On one side there were Björn and Anna and on the other there were Benny and Frida. They got together again at their offices in Stockholm. “We spent half a day browsing through newspapers and magazines to see what had been published about us during the time that we were away. We keep up with everything. The articles that appear in your magazine as well. Our dancing teacher was present as well, because it isn’t like we can stop practising now that the tour is finished...”
That same night, the foursome was together again, this time to toast to their success. “We invited all our friends to a private party, somewhere in a nice club in Stockholm. Friends that we have known for a long time and don’t have anything to do with show business. Our parents were there as well. It was quite a night, there was a lot of laughing going on. Benny and Björn even got so drunk that we had to get home in a taxi...”

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