Sunday, 15 August 2010

Popshop, 1977: Until the baby has arrived… Frida won’t let Anna out of her sight for a minute!

Every now and then, Anna and Frida argue about nothing, after all they are only people of flesh and blood. But when something important is going on, the two beauties of ABBA become a united front. For instance, now that Anna is expecting her second baby, Frida won’t let her out of her sight for a minute.
“At moments like this, there are certain things that can better be dealt with by a friend than a husband,” according to Frida. “When I was pregnant myself, I loved to chat about baby clothes and things like that. Men usually dislike things like that, they don’t think it’s important enough. And then there’s also the fact that Björn and Benny are often away from home, to try out new songs in the studio. I don’t want to leave Anna alone, I help her out as much as I can with the dishes and things like that. Because the nanny has made use of this quiet period to take a leave of absence. No, let the people do their talking that Anna and I can’t stand each other, we know better than that...”
Anna herself is over the moon. She is now taking prenatal turn exercises. “Every day a nurse comes to my home, that helps me to do all kinds of exercises. I don’t want any painkillers when I’m giving birth, I want to do everything as natural as possible. It may be old fashioned, but I don’t care about that...”


Monica said...

Very nice article. I have always observed how protective Frida was with Agnetha even when they met at the Mamma Mia premier Frida grad Agnetha's hand and they walked inside together.

Anonymous said...

yes its a nice article, women need other women to talk to at times and it would have been a comfort to both of them when there was probably a studio full of men.

Ellie1997 said...

Aaaaw, such a sweet article, thanks for posting