Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bravo, 1981: Agnetha: I believe in a higher power

Often I’m being asked what kind of profession I would liked to have had if I hadn’t become a singer. I think I would have worked with children. I might have been a teacher, perhaps a singing teacher. Although I always wanted to become a dentist when I was still in school. I was very interested in that. But I already started singing professionally when I was fifteen years old. In addition I lost my interest in teeth. Since then I’m fully occupied with my job and I’m enjoying the little spare time I have twice as much.
Whenever I have a day off, I at least jog through the woods. These days I only manage to do this twice a week. Approximately two or three kilometres. Apart from that I swim a lot and I like to listen to music. I love classical music, especially Tchaikovsky. I don’t like heavy rock music. Obviously I spend most of my spare time with my children. I rarely go out. Fashion isn’t very important to me either. I like to look at it but I don’t buy the latest trends. The trends change so frequently, I’d rather stick to my personal style. I don’t relate to punk fashion and that whole wave at all. I believe that punk is a cry for help from the young generation.
I have my own perceptions of a relationship with a man. In my opinion, honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. And reliability – that you can depend on someone. This creates an atmosphere wherein one can feel secure.
Unfortunately, these days a lot of young people are trying to replace the feeling of security with drugs. I reject drugs. And I’m sorry for all the people that use drugs. They must be very unhappy. Especially here in Sweden it’s very bad. Very young teenagers are already taking drugs. That frightens me. I barely smoke myself, maybe only at parties. When I’m alone, I try to avoid cigarettes. Drinking – well, I like to have a glass of red wine or champagne every now and then, but hard liquor, absolutely not.

In interviews, I’m always being asked how I was in school. In the beginning I was very good, until I turned twelve or thirteen, then it started to go downhill a bit. I hated Physics and Chemistry. Mathematics was okay. I loved Music, English and German as well for that matter. I was very good at languages. I was known as a quiet pupil in school. Only a couple of times the teachers objected to my behaviour when I exchanged messages with my friends. Sometimes we sent each other chewing gum this way. Or we communicated the latest things about boys, how the previous night had been or something like that.
At the time, my pop idols were Connie Francis and Neil Sedaka, Brenda Lee, Dusty Springfield and Sandy Shaw. My favourite song is ‘Soul Shadows’ by the Crusaders. Apart from that I like to listen to the Pointer Sisters.
Now something about my own characteristics. I am very honest because I expect that from others too. I think I am generous as well. And I’m a mother with my body and soul. I love my children more than anything. My worst feature is that I’m very stubborn. I rarely take advice from others because I believe that I always know myself what’s best for me. But things have always worked out well with this method. Whether it’s good or bad, I always make up my own mind about things, when it comes to music or movies as well. I am a real movie fan, I especially like movies by Polanski. I thought ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ was especially good. I like movies that make you think. I don’t care much for Science Fiction movies. My favourite actors are Jill Clayburgh and Gene Wilder. I’m fascinated by dynamic scenes. For instance, privately I like to drive my car as well. I passed my driving test very quickly. I was eighteen when I got my driver’s licence.
When it comes to religion: yes, I believe in God. But I don’t go to church regularly. But at least at Christmas. I believe in a higher power. On the other hand, horoscopes leave me cold. Still I read them every now and then and it’s always fun when a prediction comes true. But I only notice the positive things in horoscopes. I quickly forget about the rest.
In general, I have a very positive attitude in life. But if I could live my life all over, I think I would rather be a different person. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But none of them were so bad that I regret them. Up till now, I’ve lived my life true to my character. My main goal in life is being a person that’s accepted by others and that everyone likes.
Although I like to be with other people, there are only very few of them that I would take along to a desert island. Among them are my children and a man. But only one – not more. Apart from that I would pack something to eat and music by the Pointer Sisters, Crusaders, Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand.


Monica said...

Very interesting article. Thanks for translating them.

USA fan said...

Wow...Did Agnetha really write this? (It's in first-person singular.) It sounds like her, from back in 1981 anyway. (Also ref.: Agnetha's written sections in her 1996 'As I Am' biography.)

Thank you for posting this. As usual I like her candor...