Sunday, 17 October 2010

Popshop, June 1977: And Anna was gone

Anyone who thought that sweet, blonde Anna from ABBA was such a soft and shy girl that danced to every man’s pipe should read this story. Anna thinks that she can speak her mind as well!
When the Swedish foursome had to go to France recently for some promotion, they decided to travel to Paris a couple of days in advance to do some sightseeing. For one reason or another, Björn and Anna got into such a thundering argument that the hotel was shaking to its foundations.
With slamming doors Björn left the room and went to the bar to have a drink so that he could cool off a little. Thirty minutes later, when he got back to the room – with plans in his head to restore the peace – Anna was nowhere to be found. For two days she seemed to be vanished into space, and she only returned right before their television performance. She had simply booked herself a room in a different hotel. The reunion went smoothly and they forgot about their argument within a couple of minutes. Björn and Anna seemed to be more in love than ever before...


Ellie said...

Popshop seem very 'imaginative' with some of their stories, still, it's good for a laugh.

Unknown said...

is this true cause wow