Friday, 29 October 2010

Das Freizeit-Magazin, 1977: ABBA, now they are taking a break

Their efforts were enormous – therefore their success was overwhelming. Now the successful quartet has returned home.

After 22 days of touring in Europe and Australia, Agnetha, Björn, Anni-Frid and Benny have returned to Stockholm. Completely exhausted, but happy and satisfied.
“Up until the end, I have been anxious about this long tour. Of course we knew that the fans would have very high expectations. But the overwhelming success has taken away my last doubts as well: we didn’t disappoint our audience!” Just like the other three, Anni-Frid has burned herself out completely and now she is enjoying the quiet hours at home.
“Of course, Björn and I have been longing for our little daughter Linda. Although we were back in Stockholm in February to pay her a visit, we are very happy to be at home regularly again!” Agnetha tells the Magazin.
And what about the two men? Did they long for this breathing pause as well?
Benny admits: “Obviously, it has been very demanding. But the enthusiasm of the audience has taken away all the strains!” Benny already has plans for the coming period. But Björn is putting him off. “’Money, Money, Money’ is still doing very well in several countries. We don’t have to worry about a new hit for the time being, because the next single will be taken from the album ‘Arrival’. Now, ABBA is taking a break!”
Although both couples mostly spend their days off separately, every now and then they see each other to have a nice cup of coffee together. And the girls are already having a big problem then: “What are we going to wear at our next performances?”

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