Saturday, 31 January 2009

Muziek Expres, 1982: Something's Going On album review

This is an amazing album. Together with Genesis-drummer and singer Phil Collins, Frida Lyngstad has succeeded in delivering an album that doesn’t sound anything like ABBA. That’s especially commendable because Frida simply is half of ABBA’s vocal recognizability. Just try to get away from that.
She did it, also due to the fact that Phil Collins has had a considerable amount of influence. The magnificent title-track – written by hit-composer Russ Ballard – was an enormous surprise already. On Frida’s album, there are ten more of these examples. The creative duo Frida and Phil went for a musical concept as diverse as possible, in other words: rock ‘n’ roll (among others ‘I Got Something’), ballads (‘Strangers’, sung in a very sultry voice), jazz (‘Baby, Don’t You Cry No More’ with Earth Wind & Fire’s horn section that blows you away), slow-disco (‘To Turn The Stone’ by Donna Summer-composers Pete Bellotte and Giorgio Moroder and ‘The Way You Do’ by Bryan Ferry) and reggae (‘I See Red’ with Phil Collins in a rhythmical leading part).
Astonishment all around, even more so when you hear what Collins wrote especially for Frida. ‘You Know What I Mean’ is almost a classical song in which Frida is only accompanied by the harpist Skaila Kanga.
Frida Lyngstad has gotten the opportunity, more so than with ABBA, to prove herself as a singer to the best of her abilities. But, with so much creative talent surrounding you and so much good song material, it’s almost inevitable that you grow to unprecedented heights.


Anonymous said...

A really great review thanks!

Michel said...

Yes, the Something's Going On album was very well received by both reviewers and audience here in Holland.
I Know There's Something Going On and To Turn The Stone were both top ten hits here and there was a lot of media attention for Frida's records.