Saturday, 10 January 2009

Privé, 1983: ABBA-Agnetha's nightmare

“Never again,” is what blonde ABBA-singer Agnetha Fältskog announced when she got off with a fright a few years ago after her plane had gotten in trouble during bad weather. “It was a nightmare,” Agnetha said and she hasn’t travelled by plane ever again since then.
But now, Agnetha found herself in such a nightmare all over again when the bus, that she had constructed specifically for her tours, tumbled over twice.
Once again, the blonde singer got off with a fright, but that fear was intense. In a Stockholm hospital, it turned out that Agnetha wasn’t even bruised, but she did catch a shock.
Agnetha, who’s expecting a child with her bodyguard Torbjörn Brander, for a few years now the new man in her life, had just gotten up and walked along the central aisle of the bus when the accident happened. She was propelled out of the window and landed in a ditch.
The rest of the company got away with some scratches and bruises as well. But if Agnetha will now say ‘Never again’ to bus transport as well, travelling will become pretty difficult.

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Addore the pic that was used in this article Agnetha looks Stunning!