Sunday, 11 January 2009

Veronica, 1983: Agnetha Fältskog: "The Heat Is On"

A Dutch TV-guide announcement of the broadcast of Agnetha's 1983 television special, promoting her Wrap Your Arms Around Me album.
This afternoon, Veronica brings you a music special about ‘The Heat Is On’, the first English-language solo album by Agnetha Fältskog, one of ABBA’s singers. Elsewhere in this Veronica magazine, Agnetha will get her attention extensively, so that we can restrict ourselves in this column to her television programme, in which she, apart from ‘The Heat Is On’, will sing ‘I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever’, ‘Mr. Persuasion’ and ‘Shame’, among others. She will be assisted vocally by Chris Norman, Terry Uttley and Alan Silson. These members of the English popgroup Smokie came to the Swedish Polar Studios at the request of Mike Chapman, producer of Agnetha’s album and, in the past, hit-provider to Sweet, Mud, Suzi Quatro, Racey and of course Smokie.
“I have always admired Mike Chapman for his easy accessible compositions,” according to Agnetha Fältskog, “and it was an enormously inspiring experience to be able to work with him. The fact that my television special has turned out so well, it’s mainly thanks to Chapman’s work. After all, it’s all about the songs that you perform in a special like that...”

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