Thursday, 1 January 2009

Muziek Expres, 1984: Why is Phil Collins letting Frida down?

Whenever he’s not on stage himself, musical wizzard Phil Collins is always willing to help out other artists in the studio. But recently it all got too much, even for Phil, and ABBA’s Frida became a victim of that.

“If you only knew how much I regret that I don’t have the time to produce Frida’s second solo album...!”
Phil Collins emphasizes his words with a sad look in his eyes. “I don't mind confessing that I thought it was amazing to help her out on ‘Something’s Going On’. And I was very satisfied with the result as well. Yes, Frida and I had quite a party when it turned out that her first solo album dropped like a bomb! And when she asked me if I wanted to work on her upcoming album as well, I’ve tried to put everything aside for that. But unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to take part this time. A big disappointment for both of us, because we are very fond of each other and our collaboration went very smoothly. But you can’t have it both ways, can you? As it is, I make music myself as well, with Genesis and of course as a solo artist.”
Phil takes a deep breath and then continues: “I’ve just finished an extensive American tour with Genesis and at the moment I’m producing Eric Clapton’s new album. And right now I’m very busy with my new solo album that will probably be released this year.”
Again, we hear a weary sigh from Phil, but then he suddenly concludes briskly: “Yes, I’m a very busy man. If I wasn’t going bald already, my hair would turn grey, hahaha!”

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