Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hitkrant, August 1983: Who wants to love Agnetha?

Several ABBA-fans have watched proceedings with concern after both divorces within the group. But it really didn’t work anymore and especially the divorce between Agnetha and Björn had been a long time coming; there wasn’t a normal married life anymore and it was inevitable that the once so happy couple would separate. But Agnetha still suffered a great deal because of it. She became very depressed and once in a while she felt terribly lonely. Of course, she met new acquaintances and there have been a few short love affairs as well, but it all remained incomplete.
“In those days, I’ve often wondered in desperation: who wants to love me,” the blonde ABBA-star says. “But I’m back on top now and I’m looking at the future with confidence. Because now I have someone who loves me!”

“I didn’t choose the title of my album out of the blue: ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’. Since shortly, I once again know how it feels when someone does that when you need it. Something like that, such a simple gesture, means a great deal to me: to hide away with someone, to feel safe. It enables you to keep on going.”
And because of Agnetha’s new love, she indeed became the old Agnetha again: cheerful, all smiles and full of energy. Her album is mirroring that in every respect and although it’s clear to see that the blonde singer isn’t in her twenties anymore, she’s looking younger than ever and she’s beaming with self-confidence: “A new life has started for me, that’s how you can put it. Somebody loves Agnetha again.”

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