Monday, 9 February 2009

Hitkrant, September 1982: Anni-Frid has many faces

A while ago, the ABBA-fans were rather puzzled when Anni-Frid appeared with a completely new, multi-coloured punk hairdo.

The pictures on this page prove that Frida is able to show herself in many different looks, but now that her solo album ‘Something’s Going On’ has been released, it’s obvious that the red-haired singer has many faces from a musical point of view as well. She emerges as a genuine rock-singer who delivers songs, that have absolutely nothing to do with ABBA anymore.

Granted, a sidestep, but on top of that a remarkable contribution to pop music. If Frida tried to prove with her album that she has more in store than singing with ABBA, then she succeeded completely!

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