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Privé, February 1982: ABBA-Agnetha's secret love

The blonde ABBA-singer Agnetha Fältskog (31) is bubbling over with teenage-like excitement ever since a 38-year-old Swedish police inspector ignited her fire. It was Torbjörn Brander who managed to lift the attractive beauty out of her depressions and gave her a tender, warm and loving romance.

Before she met her new love interest, the 38-year-old police inspector Torbjörn Brander, ABBA’s charming, blonde Agnetha Fältskog seemed to had lost every spark of life. She hid herself away from the glances of the curious public in her luxurious home in Stockholm and wanted nothing else but being a good mother to her two children, who live with their mother ever since the divorce from ABBA-colleague Björn Ulvaeus.
But something happened, that turned a caring mother into a blushing, amorous young girl. It wasn’t easy for the ABBA-star to fall in love again, with the pain and the memories of her marriage to Björn still fresh in mind. Every time that she and Björn ran into each other in the recording studio to record songs for the new ABBA-album ‘The Visitors’, she was reminded of the fact that he was now happy again with another woman, while she was relegated to the part of the old maid, who had been left standing in the cold.

Honesty and faithfulness were the keywords in all of Agnetha’s previous relationships. But many of her so-called lovers treated her badly and time after time she found herself disappointed. Maybe that was the reason why it took so long before Agnetha and Torbjörn could face their love for each other. They had known each other for several years and both of them felt that they hit it off from the word go. That ‘hitting it off’ would certainly have gone unnoticed, if the police inspector Brander hadn’t gotten the opportunity to watch the superstar’s house, in the Stockholm district Lidingö, where all of Sweden’s top artists live. The other police inspectors made jokes about their colleague Torbjörn and his friendship with the blonde ABBA-girl, but none of them really knew the depth of their relationship, that started to grow slowly. All of a sudden, it seemed as if the gates of intimate feelings had been opened when Agnetha and Torbjörn realized that they were made for each other. They wanted to let the world know about the ardent feelings of love that they had been having secretly for a while.

“We love each other, why should we try to hide our feelings,” a blushing Agnetha said recently when their romance became public. Torbjörn, who up till then wasn’t used to the attention that the superstar status of his ABBA-love caused, didn’t hesitate to admit that he was living together with Agnetha. “We’re both happy with our relationship as it is,” he said. “We are immensely attracted to each other, but we both don’t know what the future has in store for us. Time will tell...”
Agnetha has shown a faith in Torbjörn like she never seemed to have had before, not even in Björn, to whom she was married for several years. This can’t all be attributed to the force of law, like it was assumed in Stockholm. It’s clear that Agnetha has found a deeper meaning in life with Torbjörn. Deeper than she has ever known before or even believed possible in her surreal world of ABBA-stardom.

After her divorce from Björn, she focused completely on her children. She wanted – and still wants – to be a good mother to them. “My children are the most important thing in my life. I want to be a very special mother to them. It’s not something that money can buy. I want to give them my love and care as a mother. Their well-being means everything to me,” according to Agnetha.
But now she’s bubbling over with teenage-like excitement ever since Torbjörn has ignited her fire. And together they are working on keeping the fire burning. Even arduous astrologists have given their opinion about the new ABBA-romance. “Astrologically speaking, the love between Agnetha and Torbjörn was meant to be,” one of them said. “Fate has brought them together and strong astrological vibrations are helping them on their way now...”
With Torbjörn, Agnetha can finally realize her romantic needs to full extent, because she is a real romantic girl. She idealized Björn when they were married. He could do no wrong and she couldn’t see or hear anything wrong about him. When reality crushed her fantasies, she was tortured by sickening feelings of betrayal that she couldn’t reconcile with the ideal image she had of Björn. In Torbjörn, she has now found a fantasy and a reality that go together in a tender, warm and loving way, that she has searched for ever since she divorced Björn.

Secretly, the singer and her police inspector have had a romance for almost a year, but they’re not considering marriage yet. Both seem very afraid that any form of marriage will crush their romance. They take every day as it comes and have no need for the blessing of a church or a certificate. Torbjörn and Agnetha have no plans to get married, although there are rumours that they both want a baby. That has been a constant argument in Agnetha’s relationship with Björn Ulvaeus. Agnetha absolutely refused to get pregnant at the height of her ABBA-career. Björn, who did want offspring, left his Agnetha and threw himself, apparently immediately, into the arms of a Stockholm advertising copywriter, the blonde Lena Kallersjo. Within a few months after their marriage at a romantic little church in mid-Sweden, over a year ago, the happy couple announced that Lena was pregnant.
Caught in her ABBA-image, the 31-year-old Agnetha Fältskog is the girl with the sexiest bottom in the world, a true entertainer that exudes sex.

Far away from her ABBA-image, Agnetha is a simple girl with normal emotional and sexual needs that she can now fulfil in her stormy love affair with police inspector Brander.
The police inspector makes use of the cool composure of his police training to conquer Agnetha’s often insane depressions. Torbjörn has lifted her out of her depressions and put her back in the sizzling and joyous way of life that she knew before her world got mixed up, when she was thrown into unprepared stardom, from which her fans would never let her escape.
“With Torbjörn, Agnetha has started to live as a human being again,” is what a good friend of the couple in Stockholm is saying. “Being an ABBA-star takes all humanity out of life, whether Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid like it or not!”


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This is the best:"... in the Stockholm district Lidingö, where all of Sweden’s top artists live." Such a luck for all fans to observate all on one day!!!


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I think Agnetha would be sad about if they coul`d read tis story. Which idiot wrote it?


Michel said...

The article is from Dutch gossip magazine Privé, and it's probably written by Henk van der Meijden, at the time Holland's king of gossip.