Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pop Foto, 1985: "This is much more fun than ABBA!"

Agnetha has got the hang of it. After the enormous success of her first solo album ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’, she flung herself into the next album. It’s called ‘Eyes Of A Woman’ and Pop Foto took a look around in the studio.

“Can I have a little less bass? Yes, that’s better. And then a bit more horns!” Fully concentrated, Eric Stewart (that’s right, 10CC’s guitar- and keyboard-player) is standing next to the technician of the Polar Music Studios. Arduously, the man is operating the buttons and switches on the gigantic mixing console before them. Meanwhile, Agnetha is sitting at the other side of the big window-glass, with headphones on her blonde locks of hair. Patiently, she’s waiting until she gets a sign to start singing. Actually, she’s starting to get rather tired, because it’s half past twelve at night and this morning at half past eleven she was ready to get to work. What Eric and Agnetha are working on? That’s not so hard to guess: ‘Eyes Of A Woman’, the Swedish singer’s new solo album.
“I enjoy it tremendously to have complete responsibility for the final result,” she confesses later on. “At the moment, I think that’s more fun than working with ABBA in the old days, when you had to consider the wishes of the other group-members constantly. Because one of us wanted this, the other wanted that. But don’t get me wrong, in those days I’ve never made an issue out of it. That’s just how it goes with a group. It’s only now that I realize how refreshing it is to make the decisions completely on my own. That’s why I can fully stand behind my second solo album and I definitely don’t regret having chosen Eric Stewart as my producer. The collaboration with him works perfectly!”
Except Eric, several other celebrities have collaborated on Agnetha’s album. For instance, Electric Light Orchestra’s Jeff Lynne has written a song, just like Moody Blues’ Justin Hayward. And Agnetha herself has kept her end up, because she composed the wonderful ‘I Won’t Let You Go’.
“I think it’s fantastic to write my own songs,” the Swedish blonde smiles, “but I’m not very experienced yet. That’s why I’m keeping my contribution to this album modest. But I can tell you that I get a kick out of hearing my simple tune, that I created myself, being played by several outstanding musicians. Then I’m determined to do it more often!”

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