Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hitkrant, 1980: Mike falls for ABBA

A small news item about Mike Oldfield recording a cover version of ABBA's ‘Arrival’ in 1980.
The British multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield has fallen for ABBA once and for all: not only did he record ABBA’s ‘Arrival’ for a new single release, he also got it into his head to have the sleeve for that single designed in a practically identical way as the ABBA-album ‘Arrival’. So Mike in the helicopter it is!
To top things off, Mike put the ‘K’ of his first name backwards as well, just like the ‘B’ in ABBA.
Whether he will have the same hit potential as ABBA usually has remains to be seen.

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Frank said...

I have this version of "Arrival" by Mike Oldfield and it is amazing. Quite good! Do I need to say I am partial to the ABBA original? :)