Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hitkrant, 1981: ABBA pays a visit

A small report about the upcoming release of the ‘The Visitors’ album. Interesting to see that ‘The Visitors’ was still named as the most probable single candidate only days before the release of the album. See 6 June 2008 entry to read the article referred to in this report.
It is out! This time, we had to wait for the new ABBA-album longer than ever before, but now the time has finally come: the official release date is November 30 and if everything went according to plan, it will be in the shops in just four days.
The final title has been decided on as well: ‘The Visitors’ (indeed, when Mick Fleetwood releases a ‘Visitor’, ABBA should use the plural) and there’s a big chance that the title track will be the single as well. So ABBA pays a visit, and it’s about time. Apart from that, a promotional video has been made for the track ‘All Is Said’ so that could become the new single as well.
In Hitkrant 49 we will tell you more about the album, the problems surrounding it and how relieved ABBA is that it has finally seen the light of day!

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