Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hitkrant, 1980: Winner is called ABBA

The new ABBA-single ‘The Winner Takes It All’ is already at number one in most European charts and it looks like this will become the most sold ABBA-single to date. This single, primarily sung by Agnetha, also makes a slight reference to the divorce between the blonde singer and Björn. Lyric writer Björn explains: “I came up with the lyrics all of a sudden in the studio. But it doesn’t necessarily have to relate to Agnetha and me. It can be applicable to many other couples.”
It doesn’t become clear in the lyrics who the winner eventually is, but it does in the charts: ABBA themselves!

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Anonymous said...

No-matter who the lyrics are referring too this song is symbolic for many who has went thru any type off break up,A true heartbreak song with so much emotional poignancy song !