Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hitkrant, 1985 & 1986: Eyes Of A Woman album review / The Angels Cry & The Way You Are single reviews

Agnetha Fältskog/‘Eyes Of A Woman’/Polydor
The ten thousands of ABBA fans can hurry to the record store again to buy Agnetha’s new album. As expected, the blonde singer has surrounded herself with top composers and musicians, so you can imagine that everything is in order in that respect.
One of my favourite songs is ‘Just One Heart’, a delightful reggae-track and a welcome change in the otherwise rather soft sounding repertoire. For me, ‘We Should Be Together’ is the catchiest track and therefore certainly has hit potential as the follow-up to ‘I Won’t Let You Go’. To finish things off, I would like to mention ‘I Keep Turning Off Lights’, an original and rhythmical song in which Agnetha once again proves her versatility. Overall, this album is certainly worthwhile, but I still believe there could have been just a bit more variation.

Agnetha Fältskog/‘The Angels Cry’/Polydor 883640
The solo careers of the ABBA-singers Frida and Agnetha are not running very smoothly and Agnetha will definitely not score a big hit with this single. Unfortunately, it’s a weak song.
It’s high time for ABBA to record another album again.

Agnetha Fältskog & Ola Hakansson/‘The Way You Are’/Indisc
Well, it isn’t easy when you have sold millions of records all around the world with ABBA, recorded two considerably less successful solo albums, and now are giving it another try with a duet. ABBA’s Agnetha recorded this rather lacklustre single together with one Ola Hakansson. Not exactly a bull’s eye, is what we would say.

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