Friday, 10 July 2009

Hitkrant, June 1979: Honey, Honey album review

ABBA’s first album Ring Ring was finally made available in Holland in 1979, albeit with different artwork, title and running order. Also, I Saw It In The Mirror and the Swedish version of Ring Ring had been replaced with She’s My Kind Of Girl and Honey, Honey. The album even got a fairly good review in Dutch magazine Hitkrant, but unsurprisingly it failed to reach the Dutch charts. In the eighties, a CD-version of the album was available for a short period of time.
ABBA ‘Honey, Honey’ Polydor/Polydor
Like generally is known, this is actually ABBA’s primal album ‘Ring Ring’, re-released under the title ‘Honey, Honey’. For that matter, ‘Ring Ring’ is included here as well, just like ‘Honey, Honey’ itself and more of these old familiar songs that should prick up any ABBA-fan’s ears.
Therefore, a feast of recognition and a good opportunity to sit down and listen how the ABBA-sound has evolved through the years. That is to say, for the better: while this album is still showing a rather hesitant start of a world group, the comparison with (for instance) ‘Voulez-Vous’ is quite considerably in favour of the latter. Still, ‘Honey, Honey’ is an absolute must for the ABBA-fan. Finally!

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