Thursday, 2 July 2009

Joepie, February 1979: ABBA’s unstable future

Like many other articles in 1979, this Belgian article speculates about the consequences of Agnetha and Björn’s divorce for ABBA´s continued existence.
As could obviously be expected, the divorce between ABBA’s Agnetha and Björn remains a very valuable subject matter for all kinds of rumours and presumptions about the group. Especially the continued existence of the group is becoming a doubtful matter to many people. All this in spite of the fact that Agnetha and Björn repeatedly emphasized that their divorce will not lead to the break-up of the foursome in any way. On the contrary, because the official announcement of their failed marriage immediately put an end to a lot of tensions within the group, since they were obligated to put on a ‘marital charade’ to their audience and the world. And since then the collaboration is better than ever, is what they’re claiming. Joepie went on site to find out if all this is really true and if it can stay that way.

Agnetha and Björn themselves are silent as the grave about the reason that has led to their divorce. Fellow employees of the group are claiming to know that an incident that took place in Paris about two years ago is the basis of the end of their marriage. Allegedly, Agnetha disappeared all of a sudden during a promotional trip in France. She stayed away for three days. It is said that Agnetha, completely stressed from all the travelling, performing, promoting and being far from home, had gone out head over heels, painting the town red. On top of that with a male promoter of the company that looks after ABBA’s interests in France.
Understandably, Björn was not amused and it turned out that his trust in Agnetha was deeply damaged. In the hope of patching up their marriage, they decided to have a second child. But the gap between them was wider than they actually thought themselves. Agnetha and Björn grew further and further apart, until in the end they decided to live separately and at Christmas last year to separate permanently. To prevent the circulation of every possible rumour, about a week ago they decided to announce the end of their marriage officially, through the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

It remains to be seen whether their divorce could mean the end of ABBA as well. Fact is that it will definitely not be easy for Agnetha and Björn, who have lived together as husband and wife for over nine years, to keep seeing each other constantly in the frame of the group and their show-activities. Especially since they’re now just colleagues again, who are free to do as they please and certainly don’t owe each other an explanation.
On the other hand, they both have so many business interests in ABBA and secondary companies that it actually would be crazy to put an end to the group. Although the travelling and performing together could turn into an intolerable situation for the both of them in the long run. But this doesn’t have to stop Björn and Benny from keeping on composing their hits like before and ABBA the group from keeping on recording them, without Agnetha and Björn being forced to be present in the studio at the same time. And then, most importantly, there are still their children. Linda (6) and Christian (1), to whom they will forever remain their parents, no matter what.

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