Monday, 20 July 2009

Privé, October 1979: The ABBA-family is taking a rest…

This article was published in Dutch gossip magazine Privé in the same week that ABBA performed in Holland on their 1979 tour. The pictures were taken in September 1979 in Los Angeles where ABBA was relaxing at the swimming pool of their hotel. Agnetha does not look too pleased in the second picture. Meanwhile, Görel Hanser is mistaken for Björn’s new love interest.
ABBA’s gigantic tour through the United States, Canada and now Europe is an enormous success. The tickets for the concerts were sold out months in advance. Indeed, the performances turned out to be something very special. This week, on the eve of their performance, ABBA-fever has started to spread in our country as well. Privé paid a visit to the Swedish group on their American series of concerts, the start of the tour. Everyone had settled at the swimming pool of the hotel where they could relax for a while before the exhausting concert started every night.
Agnetha and Björn’s children, six-year-old Linda and one-year-old son Christian, were allowed to travel along on this tour. Most of the time, they stay at home alone, but the blonde singer found it irresponsible to leave her children alone for a couple of months.
However, it was striking that Agnetha’s ex-husband Björn didn’t occupy himself too much with the children; he had his eyes on the female beauties that were present. But one of the ladies clearly had Björn’s preference. He spent the entire day at the pool, chatting away with this blonde beauty, meanwhile leaving the care for the children to his ex-wife. For that matter, for six-year-old Linda the tour is a once in a lifetime experience.Two months of tagging along with her mum and dad. Very often, she has to stay at home alone while the marriage of her mum and dad is over. For her, this is a whole new world that she visibly enjoyed. For the group, this was a moment of relaxation before their big task began.


jes said...

the woman hes chatting with is görel and definately not a chick he was after...besides that, he was with lena the gossip press...but thanks alot for posting...its always interesting to read and i enjoy ur blogg ;))))

Iris said...

Thanks again , for this wonderful article . Love to see Agnetha with her little Linda and sans makeup !:)She´s so beautiful . The pictures all are terrific .


Anonymous said...

Who knows who is the woman next Agnetha to her right??