Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pop Foto, July 1979: Is ABBA going to lose Anni-Frid?

A Dutch article from 1979 about Frida playing a part in the Swedish movie Gå På Vattnet Om Du Kan, filming for which took place in February 1979 in Spain.
Vicious rumours in Sweden are claiming that Anni-Frid has become so attached to acting after her first serious film part, that she is seriously considering to abandon ABBA for that. Is the continued existence of ABBA uncertain or is it false alarm...?

Now that the new ABBA-album ‘Voulez-Vous’ is finally available in the shops, more than a year after the previous long-player, and the rumours about the foursome’s private life seem to have been extinguished, suddenly a very shocking report turns up from out of nowhere. And this time, the thirty-four-year-old Anni-Frid, up till now the least talked about ABBA-singer, is the gossip’s victim. Recently, when Benny and Björn spent a couple of weeks on the Bahamas to gather new inspiration, Anni-Frid flew to the Spanish city Seville for a small part in the Swedish movie ‘Just Try To Walk On The Water’.
“I had the time for it and I really wanted to do it,” according to Anni-Frid. “Despite my previous experiences with the ABBA-movie, that in the meantime has been seen by more than five million people, a whole new world opened up for me during the filming of ‘Just Try...’. I’ve said that I wouldn’t mind doing some more acting.”
And because of this last statement, the rumours have started, according to Anni-Frid. “I meant to say that I look at this acting more as something for the future. I’m definitely not planning to abandon my colleagues at the moment. ABBA is doing better than ever. It may sound strange, but ever since Björn and Agnetha’s divorce, who were constantly quarrelling before that, the atmosphere in ABBA has cleared up considerably. The four of us are having fun again. It will take a whole lot for me to say goodbye to ABBA!”
That’s why it will probably take a while before Anni-Frid is able to accept a next film part. Because after the well-deserved holiday that ABBA is enjoying at the moment, the hard work starts again. The group has to rehearse extensively for the upcoming tour, that will commence at the beginning of August. The Swedish group will definitely surprise Holland with a concert as well. And apart from the tour, there are also the festivities surrounding Agnetha who’s celebrating her tenth anniversary as a singer this year. In honour of her anniversary, a solo album will be released that will be called ‘Agnetha’s Greatest Hits’ and that will also include a completely new song, written by Agnetha herself...


Anonymous said...

Just addore the pic here,Frida had a very regal pose,It would have been interesting had Frida continued into acting !

Michel said...

It's one of my favourite photographs of Frida as well. In fact, all the pictures from that session for the Damernas magazine are excellent.

Ivana said...

I also have that article Michel. Thanks for the translation, I had no idea what it was about.